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Most people that only digest news from mainstream media will never hear about any descending views of the so called Covid-19 pandemic. It has amazed me how there is a group of media outlets that seem to get their information from a common source. When breaking news hits the airways or internet their reporting is almost word for word, and the same key word or words are used. This is not the pattern of independent reporting.

Media Matters has been one key source for most of these news agencies. One source for all makes it easy to produce news and makes it look credible since they are reporting the same thing. Script writers for these networks only need to copy and past, then make a few word changes and walla a news report tailor made for the viewer. What also amazes me is how often these news networks are caught changing their stories or proven to be wrong. Why then would you continue to listen?

Once you see this pattern, mistrust begins to grow and a search for other sources follows. This is when you find out that not every source parrots the same version of the story.

As time passes, more scientific fact are published that contradicts the big corporate news networks narrative.

Here are two such article on Brand New Studies the does not agree on the highly published Dr. Fauci expert opinion, who by the way holds 4 COVID-19 related patents on a Key HIV Component Used to Create COVID-1.

Wait a minute! You can't patent a natural occurring genetic code and he has done this before the outbreak? I guess that confirms that the virus is not natural but man made and he was directly involved in the creation of it.

It looks to me that Dr. Fauci has more that a major conflict of interest which disqualifies him from suggesting how we should respond to this virus. What do you think?

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