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The conservative news media claims that the Democrat impeachment trial will fail, but I beg to differ. One major character flaw that conservatives have is they alway think like conservatives. 

It looks as if the Democrats in congress will win again! The primary purpose was not to impeach Trump to begin with. If it happens it would just be an extra bonus.  Failing gives them a platform to raise money from the far left Hollywood crowd and other socialistic mega donors for the next election cycle and purchase more Dominion voting machines  as an insurance policy. They will claim some how, he cheated or rigged the trial, which will cause the left to go nuts and pour even more money into the Democrat election coffers. 

In reality the left/socialists just got scammed into departing with even more of their money to enrich the Democrat Politicians in Washington. Isn't that what it is really all about. They don't even care about those on the left. They just use people for their own personal gain. If you notice they never have any real hard facts, but create an emotional drama to portray the outcome they want others to believe. It is easier to control emotions that facts. This is how the socialist left manipulate their base and confuse the conservatives. Why else would they put so much energy into these scams. It is a tool to create a false reality for themselves and for public consumption. They rule by delusion... remember that!



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