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Why Did The FDA Choose Not To Inform The Public about the possible risks?

Why Did The FDA Choose Not To Inform The Public about the possible risks?

We know that the FDA knew about the possible side affects prior to the October 22, 2020 meeting since this information had to be prepared for the meeting’s slide show yet somehow forgot to inform the public. Instead they sided with CDC that they were “safe and effective”. One has to wonder safe and effective to what end.



Did both agencies conspire to withhold these side effects to push the vaccine? If so who was to benefit? It doesn’t look it was for the public's benefit. How would this affect how people perceived the safety and would that influence participating in a experimental shot(s)? One also has to ask why they have pushed this so called vaccine in every conceivably way, from celebrity endorsements to bribery? Why are they keep expanding the lower age limit to children that have a low  to non existence infection rate?

People need to quit reacting and start thinking on this whole Covid19 scenario because when you do, things begin to look inconsistent and sometimes senseless.

If you would like to watch the complete meeting here is the link (beware it is almost 9 hrs) https://youtu.be/1XTiL9rUpkg


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