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Statistics That The Main Steam Media Will Not Tell You

We’ve known since the first data was released, that healthy children were virtually unaffected from COVID-19.  The elderly over age 75 were a different story. (See USA Today chart below from October.)
image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=40&dpx=1&t=1637531679The facts seem to change again. First children did not need to wear masks since serious infection rate was so low with fatality approximately .003% Then they said that they do to protect the parents and now they want to vaccinate them to protect the parents.

They keep changing the science to move to vaccinating the entire world population. That sounds good if you do not know the truth... vaccinated people still must wear a mask and get the booster because the vaccine is not effective as promised. So much that the "crossover" cases (those that have been vaccinate and do not have natural immunity) are out pacing the unvaccinated. What's next? Eliminate those who test positive to save us all. 

Real experts have warned against vaccinating young children and  current data show that the vaccine will injury and kill more children than protect. 

If you love your children you must search out the information the main steam media neglects to tell you or you as parents will be responsible for any adverse affects to your children.

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