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Recognizing and talking about our fading freedoms as Americans is a good start of reclaiming them; but makes little difference in re-inquiring them. Proclaiming our independence from England made no difference in our state, it did made the powers to be more determined to secure their control.

So what did make the difference? A small number of people were determined to stand against the English tyranny even if it cost them their life and won for themselves and others freedom.

Defend Freedoms is a Call To Action of those willing to risk security for Freedom. After all a bird in a cage has security; from out side predators, ample food and water; but not much freedom. He really is the property of the master!

This is a place committed people can connect, communicate, educate, organize, and take action to regain our inalienable rights as humans from those people and powers who insidious/y want to take them away to satisfy their insatiable greed.

Access is free to the public site while the private areas are by invitation only by a existing member in good standings.

The timid need not apply.

Freedoms Square