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There are a lot of people wondering how we got to where we are.  Two main reasons follows:

One reason may be that we were trained to do what we were told. How many times did we tell our children “just do what I say” and never followed up, when it was more convenient, to explain why. 

Now that they are adults they still do as they are told and accept it without any real depth of explanation. The news media they grew up listening to tells them something and they accept it without taking the time to really think about it.

The teachers in lower education and the professors in higher education do the same. At this point in education the students are told to “just study for the test.”  We no longer have any debate or critical thinking on any subject matter. If you want your degree just sit down, shut up, and memorize what we have told you, so you can pass the test and get your degree. At one time, many decades ago, it was a trait of an excellent student to use critical thinking and question or debate the professors. Today if this is done you are ostracised and punished, sometimes by being kicked out of the class and not even allowed to get your diploma. This is not education, it is indoctrination or programming. 

The second reason is that there are those in our society that have lost the concept of good and evil. There has alway been a concept in every civilization since the beginning of time that there is a force in the universe that can be used for what is considered good or for evil. Star Wars' main theme “the force” is a modern expression of that. In the Asian belief, it is called the yin and the yang; in Jewish and Christianity it is the “spiritual realm”, in New Age it is “karma” just to mention a few.

So what are some of the characteristics of these forces?  Good: creates , loves, has compassion, respects others as oneself,  truth telling, open and transparent, and forgiving. Evil:   destructive, hateful, uncompassionate, disrespects others over themselves, closed and deceptive, with no desire to forgive unless you join them. 

Presently we have a great divide between these two forces as has not been seen in many generations. 

Back in the late 60’s to early 70’s the current protesters were often heard using the word “the establishment” and I thought that it referred to those in charge politically.  Decades later I realized I was wrong and to help understand this better on the political level one must only read a prize possession of the left, “Rules for Radicals”; which everyone should read to understand the political left. Here is a quote from this book. “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins— or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom —Lucifer.


So you see there is more than a difference of opinion. These people desire to follow a figure, that most cultures consider as a dark and evil side of the force. Just compare their characteristics on how they treat others to the two forces and it will tell you what is in their hearts. You may not see this difference as a war but they do. They want to establish a kingdom and force everyone to be in servitude to them. 

There is one major fault in those that see themselves as conservatives. They can not understand or envision how evil thinks and so doing can not see how evil overcomes good. They are alway on the defensive and always a number of steps behind. 

To quote from Christian writings the outcome of such lack of understanding is as follows:

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” 

Good people, for whatever reason, have diminished their influence to the point it has little to no influence on our society and we see the results. What most Christians fail to understand in this writing is that since they have become complacent, and no longer influence the world for good, they will be overcome and trampled under foot. Read Jewish history!

Are we about ready to live this warning? Time will tell, not long from now.


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Could this video be the truth on what is actually about to happen? Watch and decide for your self.


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Most people that only digest news from mainstream media will never hear about any descending views of the so called Covid-19 pandemic. It has amazed me how there is a group of media outlets that seem to get their information from a common source. When breaking news hits the airways or internet their reporting is almost word for word, and the same key word or words are used. This is not the pattern of independent reporting.

Media Matters has been one key source for most of these news agencies. One source for all makes it easy to produce news and makes it look credible since they are reporting the same thing. Script writers for these networks only need to copy and past, then make a few word changes and walla a news report tailor made for the viewer. What also amazes me is how often these news networks are caught changing their stories or proven to be wrong. Why then would you continue to listen?

Once you see this pattern, mistrust begins to grow and a search for other sources follows. This is when you find out that not every source parrots the same version of the story.

As time passes, more scientific fact are published that contradicts the big corporate news networks narrative.

Here are two such article on Brand New Studies the does not agree on the highly published Dr. Fauci expert opinion, who by the way holds 4 COVID-19 related patents on a Key HIV Component Used to Create COVID-1.

Wait a minute! You can't patent a natural occurring genetic code and he has done this before the outbreak? I guess that confirms that the virus is not natural but man made and he was directly involved in the creation of it.

It looks to me that Dr. Fauci has more that a major conflict of interest which disqualifies him from suggesting how we should respond to this virus. What do you think?

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It look as if Dominion CEO need to brush up on his product capabilities before he answered questions from the Georgia inquire panel. Here is a report containing a video of what a supervisor can actually do! After watching do still think they are telling you the truth?


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  • This is a great video showing how they can make more votes and also who they would want you to vote for.

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    Fox News exposed their cover when they call early Arizona For Biden. In fact they were ahead of CNN, CBS, NBC and MSNBC. Fox News viewers quickly changed the channel to New Max and have not looked back.
    Here is Dr. Steve Turley a optimistic conservative news commentator  on the flight from Fox News to News Max.


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    I think this lady says it all! The swamp is deeper than Americans thought possible!

    Watch this video:


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    James Prince
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    I am sure main stream media will avoid broadcasting this address from President Trump concerning massive voter fraud in our nation. Every citizen needs to realize that those that participated in this fraud must be held accountable or elections pass form the voters to the vote counters and our vote will never determine an election again. The link to rumble is https://rumble.com/embed/v8c1oz/?pub=4



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    'Democratic Voters defy all odds in massive turnout to vote for President Elect Joe Biden.


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