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Here are a few faithful followers of Klaus Schwab's Global Tyranny Agenda.

Look familiar? Looks as if Hollywood and Top US Government officials are in on his agenda. It is difficult for good people to understand that there are people in the world including the USA with such evil in this hearts. But it is true! It is up to good people to understand and standup against them. The deeper you dig the darker it gets. Get involved in local government because the federal government is deeply corrupt.

Followup detail of US and national corporation that partner with this tyrannical organization coming soon.

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If you would like a general overview of the WEF World Economics Forum in an simple and entertaining way; watch and share this video with those that are important to you.

"Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the personification of The Great Reset — the ultimate goal of which is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the deep state — and the technocratic elite who control it.

In the video above, comedian JP Sears outlines the primary reasons why this makes Schwab easily among the most dangerous people in the world — and arguably the most dangerous. One of The Great Reset’s “new normal” dictums is that you’ll own nothing and be happy. This is part of WEF’s 2030 agenda,1 and a plan is already in place to make it happen.

Schwab is also author of the book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” which was published July 9, 2020. “Wonder how he got it written and published that fast?” Sears said. “It’s almost like he prewrote it before he started the pandemic. I mean, before the pandemic started.”
World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

April 9, 2022

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Every generation has those highly educated egotistical individual who think that man is evolving to a higher level of conscious is based on a false premise. It is not man that is evolving but technology. Humanity is still plagued with the same character flaws since the beginning of its existence. Mankind throughout history claims this to justify his ego. If it was true we would not have murders, rape, theft assaults and wars.

History support the ancient warnings that coveting leads to jealously, which lead to envy, and envy lead to greed, and greed lead to war. The contention that a vast accumulations of national wealth, brings peace with other nations; produces a state of international morality, is a false premise that actually produces precisely the opposite effect. The desire for the possession of great riches inspires nations in the same way that we sometimes see it act upon individuals. Instead of making them contented with what they have, it makes them covetous to get more.

There are those who claims that all the major wars in history were caused by religions. But that's totally false. Most religions express the need for harmony and peace. Here are several examples that disprove this premise. 

The conquests of the Roman Empire weren't caused by religions. Neither were WWI and WW2 or even the Ukraine/Russian war. Wars are caused by greed, and a passionate desire for wealth. This desire is more a addiction that never can be satisfied, thereby motivating the person to increasing their desire even more.

This has be spoken about for thousands of years. “For from within, out of the human heart, come evil ideas, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, evil, deceit, debauchery, envy, slander, pride, and folly.”

“Those who long to be rich, however, stumble into temptation and a trap and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all evils.”

it has been my personal experience that the common man desires to live a life in basic harmony with others and provide the needs of themselves and others. On the other hand those who seek after great wealth, scheme ways to steal through deception, corrupt dealings, bribery, and ultimately war.

If you have any curiosity how this happens do your own research. It will open your eyes to the reality of how the world really works, not how you have been told it works.

WWI Example

A list of of prominent families and individual of interest that have insatiable greed, and worked behind a veil of legitimacy and financed at least one side or both sides of WWI is follows:

  • The Rothschild family estimated to be worth and minimum of $3 trillion and as much as $500 trillion. They are extremely private people and do not report their wealth.

  • The Rockefeller family

  • J. Henry Schroder

  • The Eugene Meyer family,

  • J.P. Morgan

  • Alex Brown & Sons

  • Kuhn Loeb & Co

  • The Warburgs

  • The Baruch and Guggenheim families

  • The Eugene Meyer family

Those that financed both sides show it was about the money with no regard to human life.

WWI elevated approximately 21,000 US investors into the brackets of millionaires and billionaires.

The Rockefeller's alone, who displayed great eagerness for the US to enter WWI on the British side, made in excess of $200,000,000 from that conflict, and in just one afternoon during the war, Bernard Baruch, Wilson’s Czar of American Industry and part of the commission that handled all purchasing for the Allies during the war, made a personal profit of $750,000.

One thing to notice is that these extremely wealthy families never send their children to war; they let the common people give their blood for their profits instead.

Do not be fooled. The Ukrainian war is all about the money and destabilize nations relationships and financial security. The bio labs that President Putin made remarks about have been proven to be true, following the same pattern as Wuhan Lab; funded by U.S. dollars! How does it feel that you, through your tax dollars, are funding these labs creating deadly pathogens world wide. What is even worse is you don’t even get a return on your money like some politician's family members do!

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John Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics

SAE./No.200/January 2022

You have heard the constant drumming from main stream media and their chosen experts about how to handle Covid-19 for 2 years now. Lets hear what the other experts are saying that are not allow to speak in the main stream news and social media.


5 Concluding observations
Public health experts and politicians have – based on forecasts in epidemiological studies such as that of Imperial College London (Ferguson et al. (2020) – embraced compulsory lockdowns as an effective method for arresting the pandemic. But, have these lockdown policies been effective in curbing COVID-19 mortality? This is the main question answered by our meta-analysis.
 Adopting a systematic search and title-based screening, we identified 1,048 studies published by July 1st, 2020, which potentially look at the effect of lockdowns on mortality rates. To answer our question, we focused on studies that examine the actual impact of lockdowns on COVID-19 mortality rates based on registered cross-sectional mortality data and a counterfactual difference-in-difference approach. Out of the 1,048 studies, 34 met our eligibility criteria.

They went on to state their conclusions on the observations of the studies.

Overall, our meta-analysis fails to confirm that lockdowns have had a large, significant effect on mortality rates. Studies examining the relationship between lockdown strictness (based on the OxCGRT stringency index) find that the average lockdown in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% compared to a COVID-19 policy based solely on recommendations. Shelter-in-place orders (SIPOs) were also ineffective. They only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 2.9%. Studies looking at specific NPIs (lockdown vs. no lockdown, facemasks, closing non-essential businesses, border closures, school closures, and limiting gatherings) also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality. However, closing non-essential businesses seems to have had some effect (reducing COVID-19 mortality by 10.6%), which is likely to be related to the closure of bars. Also, masks may reduce COVID-19 mortality, but there is only one study that examines universal mask mandates. The effect of border closures, school closures and limiting gatherings on COVID-19 mortality yields precision-weighted estimates of -0.1%, -4.4%, and 1.6%, respectively. Lockdowns (compared to no lockdowns) also do not reduce COVID-19 mortality.
 Overall, we conclude that lockdowns are not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic, at least not during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our results are in line with the World Health Organization Writing Group (2006), who state, “Reports from the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that social-distancing measures did not stop or appear to dramatically reduce transmission [...] In Edmonton, Canada, isolation and quarantine were instituted; public meetings were banned; schools, churches, colleges, theaters, and other public gathering places were closed; and business hours were restricted without obvious impact on the epidemic.” Our findings are also in line with Allen's (2021) conclusion: “The most recent research has shown that lockdowns have had, at best, a marginal effect on the number of Covid-19 deaths.” Poeschl and Larsen (2021) conclude that “interventions are generally effective in mitigating COVID-19 spread”. But, 9 of the 43 (21%) results they review find “no or uncertain association” between lockdowns and the spread of COVID-19, suggesting that evidence from that own study contradicts their conclusion.

Read full article.

Many voices have been speaking out for going on 2 years and silenced, berated, their character assassinated, and demonized for false information by those who are the real purveyor of false information.

The American people are slowing waking up, and need to unite as one voice to fight this tyranny which ultimately leads to some form of slavery.

Freedoms Square was created for those who realize we are in a war and want to unite, Quit supporting big corrupt corporate social media (who really hate you but don't mind using you to make billions while they strip you of your rights) and Join today, create some posts showing you desire to fight against tyranny and receive a Free life time membership. Wait serveral days to upgrade you membership. Then create a group or space (space is a group that can have subgroups) of you own, bring your friends and stand up.

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There is a new type of war being waged against humanity. It is not with armies that use conventional warfare arms. It is a war of the rich and powerful using lies, deceit, viruses, and mind control to enslave humanity. This video is only suitable for those who are not afraid to face the truth concerning today's word events and what they mean.

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There is a constant battle to persuade you that the only truth can be found in mainstream media and big tech social media and anything else is a conspiracy theory and false with out explaining why.

Excerpts from the article published October 30, 2016 in BMC titled

Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms

“...several typical mechanisms underlying GFN toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis. In these mechanisms, (toll-like receptors-) TLR-, transforming growth factor β- (TGF-β-) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) dependent-pathways are involved in the signalling pathway network, and oxidative stress plays a crucial role in these pathways.”

“And recently, there are some investigation on GFNs exposure in occupational settings and published data showed that the occupational exposure of GFNs had potential toxicity to the workers and researchers [27–29]. GFNs can be delivered into bodies by intratracheal instillation [30], oral administration [31], intravenous injection [32], intraperitoneal injection [33] and subcutaneous injection [34]. GFNs can induce acute and chronic injuries in tissues by penetrating through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier, and blood-placenta barrier etc. and accumulating in the lung, liver, and spleen etc. For example, some graphene nanomaterials aerosols can be inhaled and substantial deposition in the respiratory tract, and they can easily penetrate through the tracheobronchial airways and then transit down to the lower lung airways, resulting in the subsequent formation of granulomas, lung fibrosis and adverse health effects to exposed persons [2, 29].”

Many fact checkers state that graphene oxide in not in the Covid19 vaccines and may not but as stated in the article published in Nanoscale Journal in Issue 6, 2016 this technology is currently being used to enhance cancer vaccine effectiveness. It is being used in vaccine development!

Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity

There is a reason more and more people are moving away from big tech social media and news outlets. Watch video below and decide for your self instead on relying on the fact checkers and mainstream media deciding for you..

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The retail giant’s CEO, Doug McMillon, announced in a memo Friday that all Walmart’s corporate employees and management-level staff must receive the corona virus vaccination by October 4, including those working from home.

So much for "It's my body, my choice" that progressives chanted for decades, I guess that was for progressives only. If Americans allow this to happen we deserve the slavery we are about to experience. 

Now that one of the largest employers is about strip you of the right to control what enters your own body others will quickly follow. If they can mandate this they can mandate anything. Sounds allot like the phrase "No one can buy or sale without the mark...."

If Americans want to keep their freedoms they are going to have to stand up to this stripping of our rights. Many will have to soon make a choice, either quit their job or bow down to corporate tyranny. What’s next?  Will have to have proof of vaccination to purchase food? 

First we must contact our state representatives and demand that they pass laws to ban this tyranny against the citizens of their state, even if it results in these corporation leaving the state. Convenience is a weakness that Americans must not allow to overthrow liberty.  

Second Americans can also start boycotting these corporations and have nothing to do with them. There are plenty small companies and family business that you can get the products you need that will truly appreciate your business and put money back into the local community. They do not have your best interest in mind, they are just using you to build their wealth and power to eventually rule over you.

Here is a news report on Walmart making employees take a experimental gene modified mRNA injection that has an ever increasing track record of adverse side effects and death associated with it.

If you would like to hear the associated sound file: 

If you are not willing to do what it takes to protect yourself and family from slavery, why would you expect someone else to?

Freedoms Square