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If you would like a general overview of the WEF World Economics Forum in an simple and entertaining way; watch and share this video with those that are important to you.

"Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the personification of The Great Reset — the ultimate goal of which is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the deep state — and the technocratic elite who control it.

In the video above, comedian JP Sears outlines the primary reasons why this makes Schwab easily among the most dangerous people in the world — and arguably the most dangerous. One of The Great Reset’s “new normal” dictums is that you’ll own nothing and be happy. This is part of WEF’s 2030 agenda,1 and a plan is already in place to make it happen.

Schwab is also author of the book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” which was published July 9, 2020. “Wonder how he got it written and published that fast?” Sears said. “It’s almost like he prewrote it before he started the pandemic. I mean, before the pandemic started.”
World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

April 9, 2022

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Why has the left leaning cities suddenly reverse the movement of de-funding the police .  Maybe de-funding the police was not about reducing the number of police but to purge the police that do not support their political revolutionary ideology with those who will support the political corruption in these cities. Think about it.

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Do you want to know who makes the most, for doing the least, on a gallon of gas?

Every time the price of oil goes up significantly so does the gasoline prices at he pump. When people start to complain, the narrative always blames big oil or stations gouging the public.

This is to divert attention on who's really gouging, who is making the largest percent with no involvement in production or distribution.

The following map shows the rates without any additional fees that are tacked on (see California rates below).


It is the federal government, state and local tax authorities! Let’s continue taking California for example, since it is the most greedy of the bunch. Every liberal run state would love to emulate their example, to rake in the cash, and would if they thought they could get away with it.

KTLA (LA’s major TV Station) reported the added costs:

Taxes cents/gal:
18 Federal Excise Tax
51 State Excise Tax
10 Sales Tax (estimated-varies by locality)

79 Tax Total

Fees cents/gal:
22 Low Carbon Gas Programs
15 Greenhouse Gas Programs
 2 Underground Tank Storage

39 Fees Total

$1.18 Total taxes/fees

Governments (your federal, state, local representatives) are good at deceiving the public when it comes to real tax rates. The term fees is their way of hiding additional taxes, the only difference is the term.

Let’s compare this revenue to those that actually produce and distribute gasoline.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Big Oil makes $1.12 for overhead, pumping the oil, and getting the oil to a refinery (which incurs the most expenses). Refiners make about 5 cents a gallon. The oil tankers and pipeline operators make a 1 cent a gallon. The gas stations (mini-marts) makes 4-7 cents per gallon, and would go broke if it was not for their major profit makes; food and drink sales.

In California case, state and local government makes $1.18 on a gallon of gas and the rest of the supply chain make a total of $1.22-$1.25. That makes government the big winner for not even adding any value to the product.

Fuel Sales Tax was sold to the public as a means to raise revenue to maintain roads and bridges. If you look at the amount of revenue collected and the conditions of the roads in some states, you have to wonder where the rest of the money went! If you knew you would really understand the scale of corruption in government and be fire-spitting mad. It is call theft, but some states have that covered; they just pass laws that make certain theft legal. California is a good example of that.

So when the media accusing big oil and gas stations gouging the public you know they again are lying to you and you need to look for one that doesn't.

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You may have seen these globalist at the State of the Union address 

on a number of media outlets, but have you seen the people's State of the Union address? This is what a true patriotic president would have said instead, if he was not compromised by global money. This is an example of a true patriot citizen of America that is not compromised by global money and political correctness.

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image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=91&dpx=1&t=1643486162It appears that the definition of a "small fringe minority" by Canadian officials is a truck convoy 45 miles long with close to 50,000 truck drivers protesting VAX mandates. This does not include the highway in passing lined with thousands of people in support. It is so minor that the PM decided to leave town early to avoid this nothing advent that will convene in Ottawa on Saturday. Who would call this a "small fringe minority"? Corrupt politicians! Who lust for wealth through power and control and will not every be satisfied until all the wealth from the working class is in their pockets.

When the people realize they have the real power and act on it, the tyrants will hide in fear; for they know the evil they have done deserves punishment. 


We are encouraged by the wisdom of our founding fathers; for the people to maintain control over government and do what is necessary to ensure it serves the people as designed. 

Today, if one's eyes are open, can see the the  worldwide tyranny being imposed on the people in every country. This is not an accident but by design!

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