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The New Social Media

It seems each passing week that the major social media site are aggressively  alienating their members by censoring their content. What was acceptable last month is some how unacceptable this month. Increasingly more and more members are having their content flagged, censored or removed, or even their account blocked or suspended.

Because of this a number of alternative sites are springing up in response.

One such site is Freedoms Square where conservative values and speech are not censored. It is a community of people who respect and cherish our traditional freedoms expressed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

It is a self supported network of people and organizations where their content remain theirs.

It's like the Old Town Square where all you needs are in one place.

Every one can find a place in the community, wither they are from Twitter or Facebook. As the community grows additional features will include a place for those using Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Additional features will be added if enough interest in the community is expressed. Possible features such as an area just for pet owners, a place to post photo albums or poetry. The potential is almost endless.

And for those who still keep their other social media sites your can even share your content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Post one place and share your content with those still on the other sites.

Depending on your membership you can create your own: group (public or private), Discussions (public), Conversations (private), Albums, write your blog using Articles or just create posts like Facebook. 

You control who can see your content like Facebook by adding Friend or just Follow others.

So if you are frustrated or at you wits end with big corporate social media come to Freedoms Square and take look at what the community has to offer, I am sure you will be glad you did.


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