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Information to help sort out the misinformation and inconsistencies.


As time goes on and more details about the virus leaks to the public we find that is is more contagious and less fatal. Here are some statistics from the CDC on these rates as of September 30, 2020.

Deaths by Age Group:
Data from 147,561 deaths. Age group was available for 147,551 (99%) deaths.
Age Group Percentage Count
0 - 4 Years   35
5 - 17 Years   57
18 - 29 Years 0.5 790
30 - 39 Years 1.3 1,979
40 - 49 Years 3.2 4,742
50 - 64 Years 15.6 23,033
65 - 74 Years 21.1 31,112
75 - 84 Years 26.4 39,005
85+ Years 31.7 46,798

If we total ages 0-49 we have 7603 deaths which works out roughly to 5.1%. 
If we look at the age group 0-17 we have a total of 92 or roughly 0.06%

Cases by Age Group:

Data from 5,343,872 cases. Age group was available for 5,159,391 (96%) cases.

Age Group Percentage Count
0 - 4 Years 1.8 93,795
5 - 17 Years 6.7 348,240
18 - 29 Years 23.7 1,221,167
30 - 39 Years 16.7 863,235
40 - 49 Years 15.3 791,104
50 - 64 Years 20.6 1,064,213
65 - 74 Years 7.6 389,864
75 - 84 Years 4.3 222,308
85+ Years 3.2 165,465

Here are some interesting public statements:

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on Thursday (June 25, 2020) that there are 10 times more people testing positive for Covid-19 antibodies than there are people being diagnosed with the virus, though questions still exist regarding serology tests.

According to a CDC document, there are three conditions that need to be met before someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or experienced symptoms commonly associated with the virus can start being around other people. First off, the person in question has to go at least 3 days with no fever. Second, the person in question must notice an improvement in respiratory symptoms, which is to say that the intensity of coughing and breathing issues have gone down. Third, the person in question must quarantine themselves for a full 10 days after the symptoms first appeared. If the three conditions above are met, the CDC indicates that you’re allowed to hang out with other people.

If we extrapolate information from these two statements, you could come to the conclusion that the 10x number in statement one, who have not shown symptoms, as stated in statement two are not contagious and wearing a mask is frivolous and with out apparent need. So why are we mandated to wear one, if we know we are not contagious; which can have it own negative side effects?

Combine this with the same people that are responsible for instituting this mandate being caught not wearing one themselves. This includes politicians, reporters, medical experts and government officials. One would think, if they really believed masks were that critical, they would not dare take it off in public.

This leads me to believe that there is an alternative motive; and what do the above people like....control.

It's time for humanity to wake-up and start paying attention and use a little of that gray matter God gave you!


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