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It seems each passing week that the major social media site are aggressively  alienating their membe…
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One thing you can always bet your life on is an expert!


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How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him

  • Sound like a must watch movie from the trailer. It will most likely be a lot more interesting than the nightly news.

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    Take a look at the picture very carefully.


    On the right are rockets shot from Hamas in the Gaza strip, an offensive system at Israel and the rockets on the left are 
    rockets shot from Israel's Iron Dome, a defensive system. This picture in itself is enough information to understand 
    what is happening in the Mid-East. It is also interesting to know that the missiles on the right are supplied by Iran who 
    has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map for decades.  

    Let make this situation personal. Let presume for discussion sake that Canada's French speaking citizens was our enemy and and they claimed that the state of Maine was once their country before it became a colony. After endless fighting the U. S. gave Maine to them as peace token so they would have a land of their own to settle the dispute. Once settled, they used that land as a base to attack New Hampshire and the U. S. Government defended New Hampshire from their attack and the main stream media news cycle claimed that the U. S. was the aggressor and blamed it for the hostilities.

    That is precisely what is going on between Israel and the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. Israel has extended an open hand even to the point of allowing the Muslim world to live in their country in peace and even keep their Mosques at the old Temple Mount. Maybe it is Judaism and Christianity that stand in their way of forcing their faith on the rest of the world that motivates them. There is such a hatred and under any another situation the vile words would be called hate speech and the attacks hate crimes. Some how they get a pass and that should make you stop and think.

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    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian revolutionary and the ruler of the Soviet Union from 1927 until 1953. He served as both General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. His quote above should tell you all you need to know about Socialism which has it roots in Communism and elections.

    We live in a world that increasingly disregards the long standing Judaeo-Christian moral code against lying, cheating, stealing, baring false witness, greed etc. on which this country was founded. Too many people believe that these actions deter them from having what they want and so they ignore them. Politics has always had its share of corrupt players, but over the last several decades the honest players have become the minority and any action is acceptable if it help reach a political goal.

    This is how tyranny begins: the rights of a political party ideology supersedes the rights of the people. You must accept what we say without question or we will attact and destroy you. Do you think these people care about Free and Fair elections. No, they only care about consolidating power to build wealth.

    First of all the American People have the right to expect Free and Fair Elections! So how do you know if the elections were fair? Even if election or government officials admit to possible fraud it is always accompanied by the phase "There was not enough fraud to change the results, and change the conversation to something else.  How do they know that for sure if they never have a system of forensics audits, and why is any amount of fraud acceptable and not investigated? Why are most election or voter fraud cases initiated by an third party? Could it be that, quite often the election commissions are staffed by people of a single political party? Could it be convenient or partisan for the officials just to certify the results because an forensics audit may show that they are lazy, incompetent or the results supports their political ideology?

    This is why the Arizona  legislators has the upmost duty to examine the process of the elections in their state, when large numbers of citizens are concerned,  because they are ultimately in charge to do so by law. I do not live in Arizona so why should I care what happens there? If massive election fraud is found in Arizona it is most likely others states elections my be compromised as well. Maybe the candidate that you voted for should have won and you vote was stole and given to someone else. 

    Only one way to know is for every citizen to demand a forensics audit that proves one way or the other who the People chose to represent them in government.

    A good example of the how the Maricopa County officials will lie to obstruct the audit is concerning the refusal to turn over court order routers for data transmission logs. They say it has private health care, county and personal information therefor a security risk. IT techs and managers knows that routers do not store anything except traffic related data. They are trying to use HIPA regulations to refuse access. That is dishonest an a flat out lie.

    If you still are getting your news from a consolidated mainstream media (they get their news from the same sources and just read it) you will never understand the real reason why things are getting so bad.  Just do a YouTube search on "Arizona Audit" and you  will be lucky to find anything except the major network videos all parroting the same negative narrative. Why are they so against a real forensic audit? Don’t most people in America want the truth so they can trust our election systems? Try alternative small news organizations that are still independent and compare the difference.

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    Increasing Studies Links The Sars-CoV-2 Vaccine To The Disease

    Salk Institute: The spike protein “damages cells” and causes “vascular disease” even without a virus. New Study links the Vaccine produced spike proteins are producing the same damage that the virus itself but worse. The research also moves the narrative from pulmonary to vascular damage in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans (source: VAERS.hhs.gov).

    It is hard for good people to comprehend how anyone would engineer a virus (Wuhan Lab) and vaccines that are designed to kill other human beings. It is call denial! There are over 7,844 Injuries and 181 Deaths that may be directly connected to this vaccine and these numbers grow daily. 

    For more information here is the link to VACCINE HOLOCAUST

    Look before you leap!

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    Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

     It is imperative to read this animal study done in April 2012 by the  Department of Microbiology and Immunology, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas  and other branches of the University of Texas. The study conclusion : "These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity toSARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated."

    The vaccines appear to be effective in producing antibodies, but when  exposure to the Sars-CoV virus hypersensitivity was the results. The immune system overreacts and may cause additional damage to the lungs. See attached pdf.

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    Yet Another Highly Qualified Scientist Speaks Out Against The Jab

    Another world-renown Scientist German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and that the COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a global catastrophe and a decimation of the human population.

    Read or download his English chapter concerning the Covid19 Vaccine (so called a vaccine for immunity to criminal or civil liability)

    See his interview on Rumble

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    The Lie always leads to slavery, and the Truth is the only thing that can set you free.

    There has been a concerted effort to enslave the world’s population through many lies during the course of human history. There has always been people who’s heart are so empty that they try to fill the void with wealth and power. It falsely gives them the feeling of self worth at the expense of what they truly need. Because wealth and power never satisfies this longing, they convince themselves that it is because they do not have enough, and so they push for more.

    Most, if not all, wars are caused by this type of person. They desire more and more power and wealth than they can personally achieve and create schemes to create wars and other nefarious events and profit from them. An example was WWII when the Russian Marxist rulers allow the German army advance through numerous countries as they retreated only to stop them at their boarder. At that point they turned and fought and drove them back all the way to the city of Berlin. A simple fact shows you their intent. They did not liberate those countries from Nazi Germany but claimed them as spoils of war and created what was known as the Soviet Union. They not only captured the wealth of the common person as they did in the revolution but the wealth of whole counties. Today we see history repeat itself in a different form. These people are always scheming to create another crises to profit from.

    The Covid19 crises was created by the same people that have tried to push first global cooling in the 70’s (with roots going back even farther), then to global warming in the 90’s, and now global climate change; using their self programmed static (based on trends they consider static and never change) computer models and the inherent error rates. The major problem is these computer models are being created by people that have already decided on the results and write the code to justify their theories. Their predictions are always just the next decade or two to create fear; always pushing it out in the near future. Most all the earlier dated projections of doom have come and gone and proven to be false. When they are exposed as frauds they just morph into something else and continue. These people are like hard drug addicts who are controlled by their addiction; their addiction for money and power. What is curious is the computer models for  Covid19 (the flu) was financed by a Foundation setup and funded by the owner of the largest software company in the world. It is also curious to note that the founder has been outspoken on the dire necessity to drastically reduce the human population to combat the doom of climate change. His preferred  process to achieve this is woman’s health and vaccination as stated in a Ted talk a number of years ago. What also is curious is this same person is pushing Covid vaccines through a foundation he created decades ago and has admitted on how lucrative vaccines are.

    These people have deluded themselves as intellectual superior and the masses as just plain dumb and do not know what is best for them and the rest of the world. In reality these people have put aside common morality and created their own which suits their lust for wealth.

    The truth about Covid19 is slowing making its way through the populaces as main stream media looses it grip. Even a director of CNN recently admitted on video that the least bias information is from the blogs and small independent news sources. A article titled “Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in 1500 positive tests” exposed the Covid19 virus as a flu. Stop and think, unless you are accustomed to others thinking for you, where was the seasonal flu this season? Maybe Covid 19 is a flu strain? You can go online and find one theory after another trying to explain what is obvious and in plain sight. Almost all the PCR tests can be manipulated to guarantee a desired outcome by the number of cycles the test is run. If 30-35 plus cycles is used you will most likely get a positive result. To put it in a simple way, it would be similar to adding more magnification to took at an object. The more the magnification the larger it appears. That is why there are articles stating the PCR test is producing 94-95% false positive. Those running the test are using more than 30 cycles. The question is why? We are basing our lives on a test that can have completely different results depending on the number of cycles. If you want a guaranteed positive just run more cycles until you get it. Even the inventor of the test say that it is not designed to diagnose disease. So why did a number of labs use up to 50 cycles. One reason only: to guarantee a false positive! Now that the vaccines are out, the labs have reduced the cycle count to 30 or less giving a false narrative that the vaccines are responsible. It appears in today's culture that if you have enough money fraud somehow cease to exists for you.

    It appears that the Covid19 virus may have cured the flue according to the CDC experts who made the prediction that we would not have the normal flu in 2020! That is if you believe the theories on why there is no normal flu season in 2020. So where did the flu go? Just how could the CDC know that in advance when they can not accurately predict the next flue season strain. It is only possible if you know that Covid19 PCR test will test the flu as Covid19.

    One of the biggest tool to create fear was the computer model of coming massive world wide deaths and then continuing deaths counts, then when the death counts dropped it was cases. As more time passed the computer models were shown, as early as April 2020, not to reliable with results off by 33%.

    What the main stream media and those they interview tell you that cases is a terrible thing and we should be worried and fearful. In reality cases are based in PCR test which count antibodies not viruses. A accurate positive test results just means that your body is fighting off the virus and with in several weeks after the initial infection with no symptoms you have built up an immunity and are not contagious. That is a very positive position to be in. Quit being fearful. When people are fearful they are easily to manipulate.

    One of the main player in this fraud is proclaimed expert Dr. Fauci. Lets look how is involved in all of this. First lets hear what Kary Mullis, the creator of the PCR test and his opinion, since so much credence has been given to this test and is used to determine what procedures need to be set to control this so called mysterious pandemic. Lets look at those he has associated with over the decades. Here is a search link to photos that contain Dr. Fauci. It sure look as if he spend a lot of time with same few people and one of them is that guy that created the Covid19 computer models. How cozy! So who’s the highest paid federal employee (more that the President of the United States) and what has he been doing in his job for the last say 30 years? Lets start with the most current relationships. In October 2019, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the head of NIH, announced a partnership between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If you think this relationship is a conspiracy theory then go to the source. The Gates Foundation, WHO and NIAID all have ties to each other. That is Bill Gates, WHO a global health organization and Facui the director of NIAID are tied at the hip concerning vaccines. There is abundant amount of information online to his other relationships that raise question.

    Scientists at NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center (VRC) and Moderna were able to quickly develop mRNA-1273 because of prior studies of related corona viruses that cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The Phase 1 trials has a large number of volunteers right? “The open-label trial will enroll 45 healthy adult volunteers ages 18 to 55 years over approximately 6 weeks”. If this is how Phase 1 trials were done it set a precedence for the next two phases. No wonder they developed the vaccine so quickly. They bypassed the normally accepted 3 phase trial test procedures that takes 4 years or more, some times even decades.

    Why the rush? There would be a point that the population would reach heard immunity and the Covid19 virus would cease to be a threat. Check history. Vaccine manufactures must get the product to market at the point of heard immunity or right before so as to be able to take credit for the success of the vaccine. That is why the concept of herd immunity is suppressed in the news cycles. Those that understand that are among those that will not willing get the jab and are constantly being criticized as some dangerous person putting others life at risk. All over a flu virus that has a 99.98% survival rate and is fatal only to those that already fighting serious health problems. On the other hand many considered healthy people have had blood clots, neurological damage or death from the jab. In reality a healthy person takes a greater of risk of being harmed from the vaccines that the virus. Take if you feel you must, just remember you made the decision to do so.

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