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Why Is The Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit Important?

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian revolutionary and the ruler of the Soviet Union from 1927 until 1953. He served as both General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. His quote above should tell you all you need to know about Socialism which has it roots in Communism and elections.

We live in a world that increasingly disregards the long standing Judaeo-Christian moral code against lying, cheating, stealing, baring false witness, greed etc. on which this country was founded. Too many people believe that these actions deter them from having what they want and so they ignore them. Politics has always had its share of corrupt players, but over the last several decades the honest players have become the minority and any action is acceptable if it help reach a political goal.

This is how tyranny begins: the rights of a political party ideology supersedes the rights of the people. You must accept what we say without question or we will attact and destroy you. Do you think these people care about Free and Fair elections. No, they only care about consolidating power to build wealth.

First of all the American People have the right to expect Free and Fair Elections! So how do you know if the elections were fair? Even if election or government officials admit to possible fraud it is always accompanied by the phase "There was not enough fraud to change the results, and change the conversation to something else.  How do they know that for sure if they never have a system of forensics audits, and why is any amount of fraud acceptable and not investigated? Why are most election or voter fraud cases initiated by an third party? Could it be that, quite often the election commissions are staffed by people of a single political party? Could it be convenient or partisan for the officials just to certify the results because an forensics audit may show that they are lazy, incompetent or the results supports their political ideology?

This is why the Arizona  legislators has the upmost duty to examine the process of the elections in their state, when large numbers of citizens are concerned,  because they are ultimately in charge to do so by law. I do not live in Arizona so why should I care what happens there? If massive election fraud is found in Arizona it is most likely others states elections my be compromised as well. Maybe the candidate that you voted for should have won and you vote was stole and given to someone else. 

Only one way to know is for every citizen to demand a forensics audit that proves one way or the other who the People chose to represent them in government.

A good example of the how the Maricopa County officials will lie to obstruct the audit is concerning the refusal to turn over court order routers for data transmission logs. They say it has private health care, county and personal information therefor a security risk. IT techs and managers knows that routers do not store anything except traffic related data. They are trying to use HIPA regulations to refuse access. That is dishonest an a flat out lie.

If you still are getting your news from a consolidated mainstream media (they get their news from the same sources and just read it) you will never understand the real reason why things are getting so bad.  Just do a YouTube search on "Arizona Audit" and you  will be lucky to find anything except the major network videos all parroting the same negative narrative. Why are they so against a real forensic audit? Don’t most people in America want the truth so they can trust our election systems? Try alternative small news organizations that are still independent and compare the difference.

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