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Defund The Police?

Why has the left leaning cities suddenly reverse the movement of de-funding the police .  Maybe de-funding the police was not about reducing the number of police but to purge the police that do not support their political revolutionary ideology with those who will support the political corruption in these cities. Think about it.

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  • 2025
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    We know that things are not right... But we also know the truth. There is 2 sides of how this can happen. The Looking Glass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61ZyGcD41iQ YouTube took this down and found on Bitchute.
    More Americans are beginning to know something is awful wrong in politics and how it is shaping our every day life. Every move on the Socialist Democrat Party is determined to transfer one more of or sovereign rights from the People to the Government until we only have what they choose to allow. Raheen Kassam in this video encourages us to do the right thing. To get serious and quit supporting those who are out to steal our Freedoms; quit supporting these corporation, institutes and politicians even if it is inconvenient to do so. They need our money to do battle with us and if the money drys up so does their influence.

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