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Good Recap On How The World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies

If you would like a general overview of the WEF World Economics Forum in an simple and entertaining way; watch and share this video with those that are important to you.

"Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the personification of The Great Reset — the ultimate goal of which is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the deep state — and the technocratic elite who control it.

In the video above, comedian JP Sears outlines the primary reasons why this makes Schwab easily among the most dangerous people in the world — and arguably the most dangerous. One of The Great Reset’s “new normal” dictums is that you’ll own nothing and be happy. This is part of WEF’s 2030 agenda,1 and a plan is already in place to make it happen.

Schwab is also author of the book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” which was published July 9, 2020. “Wonder how he got it written and published that fast?” Sears said. “It’s almost like he prewrote it before he started the pandemic. I mean, before the pandemic started.”World Economic Forum Was Created by US PoliciesBy Dr. Joseph MercolaMercola.com      

April 9, 2022

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