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Rush Limbaugh Now Compromised?

While listening to Rush today he in effect admitted that he has been successfully  compromised by the Socialists just like Fox News. He said over and over again that he "could not say that" when talking to his program director on the closed channel for fear of reprisal from the Left. 

He just admitted to self censorship to avoid censorship from the Left. So now who is in control of the content of his show? The Left. 

I am not sure why he would do this unless he favors his show and the income derived from it over the truth Americans need to here. This act would have excluded him from the the very people he so fondly and consistently admires; the founding fathers, those who risked everything for freedom.

 This seems to follow the path of many so called conservatives and almost all `Democrats. Just look what happened during the Electoral vote count. When they have to give up something of real importance to them they roll over and comply with the Left.

Can he be trusted anymore than Fox news? The left has a keen ability to deceive themselves in order to deceive others. Fox after betraying their supporters with a slight of hand to influence the election for the Democrats, are now remaking them selves. Right! Don't be deceived! It is about the money and power. Make no mistake they accomplished their aim and now want to portray themselves as loyal in order to recapture their previous conservative base.
 If they are true conservatives they will walk away from Fox and find a different venue, if not you know it is about the money.

Consider this quote:


There is a principal here to learn. It is completely unimportant who speaks what; but who will decide who and what is heard.

What fascinates me in studying history is how the very people being persecuted has always funded their persecutors.  

Big Tech and government are examples how "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." These are not just words but an expression of an historical fact. Someone wrote this because they lived under it. Men become gods in their own sight and act accordingly. I am sure they look at the populous and laugh to themselves on how stupid we are, by helping them move us to complete servitude. That is always the results since the beginning of human history. Most of these companies who have wielded their influence over us are the very same companies we support by doing business with. It is time to quit thinking more about our wealth and more about freedom. Because without freedom the people have not wealth.

We as patriots and rational people must quit supporting and funding them with our dollars and support our local neighborhood business that stand for our values, before they reach a point of absolute control. Just look at how local business last year and forward have been destroyed because of their control and how it has enriched them. Most of these corporations profits are up quite substantially while so many people are out of work. Everyone is on their list, starting first with those who outwardly resist their tyranny and then rest to follow.  Study Russian history!

There are people that somehow think that these people will be reigned in by the government; specially the federal government. I would not bet you freedom on that. We might a chance if the current state politicians make a stand to obey and defend the U. S. Constitution and insure the next election will be free of fraud. For those who think there was massive fraud, last election, you have not seen anything yet.

Voter fraud is how tyrants get control and keep in power. There is no longer elections but selections.

We are watching in real time how other countries lost their freedoms. Once we have one party control or rule, history shows that a dictatorship of some form is next. 

The movies falsely portray that a Super Hero will come to the rescue, not so. This is a delusion to keep the people from realizing and acting. The people are the only real Super Heros. We the people collectively have always had the power to preserve our freedoms. The tyrants want us to just sit back and wait for the Super Hero to come and save us all, until it is too late. 

The founders risk their fortune, their freedoms and their lives to establish this great country. Are we willing to do the same to preserve it?

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