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More Proof That Gun Confiscation Does Not Protect the Populous

New Zealand has one of the most strict gun laws in the free world working on their second buy back program because the first one did not work very well and here's why... New Zealand’s National Party Police Spokesman Simeon Brown stated, “The first gun buyback was merely a marketing exercise. After spending $103 million on the scheme, the Government couldn’t even confirm whether it had made New Zealand safer or if it had collected all prohibited firearms,” adding, “That’s because most law-abiding New Zealanders handed in their now-prohibited firearms, but gangs and criminals, those who pose the greatest risk to our safety, did not.

Dah! I guess it it too dangerous to go after the gang members who are the major contributor to gun crimes so they go after the law abiding citizens who will. It might not make the law abiding citizens safer but it sure make it safer to commit a crime. So who's side are the bureaucrats on?  I thing we all know the answer to that question!

Full article at: https://www.national.org.nz/gun-buyback-2-0-another-marketing-exercise 

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